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Most Common Myths About Cosmetic Dental Procedures

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Why invest in maintaining the health and beauty of your teeth and gums? First, having good teeth allows you to eat a wide range of food, especially those that are nutritious and contribute to your wellness and well-being, and add to life’s pleasures. Also, when you have no trouble with your teeth, you can speak, eat, smile and interact with others better and with more confidence. An added bonus is aesthetics—people with a beautiful smile often look younger and more vibrant than those with stained, crooked or missing teeth.

Awareness of all these benefits has made cosmetic dentistry services more popular and in demand than ever before. Ask any leading cosmetic dentist in Vancouver, and they’ll confirm that the number of people approaching them for the procedures they offer has significantly risen in the past several years.

Despite the increased awareness about the practice, some false assumptions still prevail. These myths should be busted to enable people to gain the full benefit of cosmetic dentistry.

Dental work is painful.

False. Advances in technology have now made dental care processes faster, easier and almost completely pain-free. Fear of the dentist and phobias of sitting in the dental chair are now a thing of the past. Your dentist can even perform several treatments within a single session. Talk to your dentist about the sedation options you can choose from.

Cosmetic dentistry is for VIPs and celebrities only.

False. Everyone has the right to enjoy good teeth and healthy gums. Even if your life is not in the limelight, how your teeth look will still influence your self-esteem, personal and professional relationships, and performance at work or school. If your stained, crooked or missing tooth is holding you back, dental work can help you fulfil your full potential.

Having your smile “fixed” is a leisure expense.

False. A confident and beautiful smile is actually an investment that brings tangible returns, including financial return. Studies have shown that people with poor teeth have limited career and promotion options. In an image-conscious society, people with white and straight teeth are perceived as more intelligent and trustworthy. If you want to climb the corporate ladder, build your business or simply make a decent living, the health and appearance of your teeth matters.

Only vain people will seek cosmetic dental treatments.

 False. If you’re concerned for even a bit about your overall health and wellness, then you should also pay attention to the state of your teeth. For instance, missing teeth can be a cause of a wide range of health problems such as tooth decay, gingivitis, jaw pain, digestive conditions, chronic pain and more. If you care about your finances and your family, you wouldn’t want them to worry and you wouldn’t want to spend good money on treating conditions that can be avoided by preventive care.

To discover the quality of life that cosmetic dentistry can bring, give us a call and we can help.

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