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About Us

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About Us

For nearly three decades, Dunbar Dental Centre has been a proud part of the Dunbar community. In 2015, Dr. Anna Pranata joined the practice. She continues the legacy of service, spirit, and compassion that defines us. Together with a dedicated team, Dr. Pranata ensures every patient receives care as thoughtful as that given to our families.

Our Mission Statement

Our passion for dentistry and forging meaningful relationships underpins Dunbar Dental Clinic’s ethos. We are a family-friendly practice rooted in respect, kindness, and teamwork. Moreover, we offer comprehensive dental services for individuals of all ages. Here, every smile is significant, ensuring you experience the finest care tailored to each family member’s needs.

Our Philosophy

Understanding the deep link between oral health and overall well-being is crucial. Consequently, educating our patients stands as a cornerstone of our approach. Indeed, education paves the way to prevention, outshining any dental procedure in importance. Our aim? To empower patients, giving them control over their oral health which, in turn, enhances their overall quality of life. Despite best efforts, challenges like cavities, trauma, and periodontal disease may occur due to the mouth’s complex biology. Aware of this, our patients can expect to receive the latest and most comprehensive dental care, underscored by our team’s commitment to clinical excellence.

Dental Mission

Dr. Pranata has committed significant time and expertise to dental missions, bringing vital dental services to underserved regions. Her work in Guatemala and Morocco, for instance, has been immensely fulfilling. These experiences have showcased the resilience and joy of communities with scarce resources. However, she recognizes that the struggles of poverty and necessity are not just overseas but also at our doorstep. 

Doctor & Team

Photo Dr. Anna Pranata

Dr. Anna Pranata


Discover the compassionate and personable approach to dental care with Dr. Pranata. Renowned for her friendliness and genuine care, she is dedicated to delivering outstanding dental services by partnering with her patients in their oral health journey. Dr. Pranata excels in creating tailored treatment plans through comprehensive discussions, ensuring each solution not only meets the unique needs of her patients but also fosters confidence. Her aim is to demystify dental care, providing clear, understandable information that empowers patients to take charge of their oral health.

Originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Dr. Pranata earned her dental degree from the University of Manitoba. Her commitment to service is evident through her participation in dental missions to Guatemala, with plans to continue these efforts. Since moving to Vancouver in 2012 with her husband and two dogs, she has embraced the outdoor lifestyle, enjoying snowboarding in Whistler and exploring new activities like kiteboarding and windsurfing. Dr. Pranata also finds joy in running with her dogs around Pacific Spirit Park.

She warmly invites you to meet her to discuss any oral health concerns you may have, ready to guide you toward achieving optimal dental health.

Photo Sandy Dental Receptionist


Dental Receptionist

Sandy, was born and raised in Vancouver and transitioned from over 15 years in bartending and serving to the dental field after enrolling in a dental reception course at BCIT. This career shift revealed her innate talent for the role. Sandy has discovered a keen interest in dentistry and thrives on patient interaction. Known among patients for her perpetual happiness, Sandy’s warmth and friendliness make everyone feel comfortable. Outside of managing the front desk, scheduling appointments, and fielding calls, Sandy cherishes her time with her dog, Scout. She also enjoys baking, knitting, and relaxing with a fine glass of wine.

Photo of Holly Registered Dental Hygienist


Registered Dental Hygienist

Holly, embarked on her educational journey at UBC Okanagan, focusing on human kinetics before a shift in inspiration led her to the dental field, influenced by her father and uncle’s careers in dentistry. This pivotal decision guided her to the Vancouver College of Dental Hygiene, where she uncovered a deep-seated passion for patient care and the pursuit of optimal oral health. Holly’s dedication culminated in her graduation in 2019, subsequently joining the Dunbar Dental Centre team. As an essential member of our clinic, Holly is celebrated by patients for her exceptional gentleness, meticulousness, and friendliness during treatments.

Away from the clinic, Holly cherishes her downtime, which she often spends cuddling with her two cats or enjoying the company of her friends and family. Her commitment to dental hygiene and patient care, combined with her vibrant personality, make Holly a beloved hygienist at Dunbar Dental Centre.

Litsa Certified Dental Assistant photo


Certified Dental Assistant

Litsa, a distinguished graduate of Vancouver Community College, has dedicated over two decades to the field of dental assistance, having been a cornerstone of our office since 1999. Her enthusiasm for dentistry and commitment to patient care are evident in every aspect of her work. Litsa is a firm believer in the intrinsic link between dental health and overall well-being, advocating that a radiant, healthy smile can significantly boost an individual’s self-esteem. The opportunity to contribute to her patients’ oral health journey is something she finds immensely fulfilling.

Outside of her professional role, Litsa enjoys engaging in activities that enrich her personal life. She finds joy in walking, swimming, delving into a good book, and being a supportive hockey mom, watching her son thrive on the ice. Litsa’s blend of professional dedication and personal interests make her a valued and beloved member of the Dunbar Dental Centre team.

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