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Wisdom Teeth

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At Dunbar Dental Centre, we understand that the jaw often lacks the necessary space to accommodate wisdom teeth comfortably. This spatial limitation can cause wisdom teeth to emerge at an angle or become impacted within the jawbone, leading to challenges in maintaining proper cleanliness and, subsequently, decay. In some instances, if a wisdom tooth cannot emerge fully, it may lead to infection.

To preemptively address these potential issues, Dunbar Dental Centre, recommends monitoring the development of wisdom teeth between the ages of 16 and 18 through the use of a specialized panoramic X-ray. This imaging technique offers a comprehensive view of both the upper and lower jaws, enabling our dental professionals to assess the positioning and health of your wisdom teeth effectively.

Early intervention is often advised to prevent decay or infection. Extracting wisdom teeth before they show signs of damage or infection not only simplifies the procedure but also significantly reduces the risk of complications. Trust the expertise of Dunbar Dental Centre, to guide you through the best course of action for your wisdom teeth, ensuring your oral health is maintained and future dental issues are minimized.

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