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Planning For an Implant

Photograph of a mouth with a missing tooth
This patient is just about ready to have his implant placed. Careful planning is required to set the implant up for success. Before placing the implant the patient will need a tissue graft to thicken up the gums around where the implant will be. Nice thick protective gums around an implant (and all natural teeth!) is best for easy maintenance and greater longevity of the implant. You don’t want that delicate, drapy mucosal tissue surrounding the implant or natural teeth because it isn’t easy to clean and is at high risk for recession. Let’s keep those roots and implant threads covered up by bone and nice thick protective gingiva. Remember, although an implant cannot get a cavity, it can still fail due to causes that affect natural teeth. Just like natural teeth, implants can fail due periodontal disease. This is called peri-implantitis in regards to implants. Keep natural teeth and implants health by having good plaque control at home and visiting your dental office for regular hygiene and check-up appointments.
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