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What Do You Do About Chipped Teeth?

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Have you ever noticed your teeth chipping more than they should? It’s a sign that something might be off, as our teeth are designed to be quite durable. One common culprit behind this could be nighttime teeth grinding or munching on hard items like ice—habits that can put extra stress on your teeth.

Take the story of a patient who came to us with her front teeth constantly chipping. Upon examination, we discovered she had cavities at the edges of her front teeth. These cavities had slowly weakened the tooth enamel, making her teeth more prone to chipping even with a little pressure. Interestingly, she felt no pain from these cavities, which isn’t uncommon. Cavities don’t always hurt, but they can cause significant damage if left unchecked.

A telltale sign of this issue was the dark staining along her incisors, a clear indicator of decay. It’s a reminder that if you notice anything unusual with your teeth or if they don’t feel quite right, it’s time to see your dentist. Catching dental problems early is key. Small issues can usually be fixed easily and at a lower cost, preventing more serious damage down the road.

Remember, keeping an eye on your dental health and addressing issues early can save you from bigger problems. Regular check-ups are essential for maintaining strong and healthy teeth.

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