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Tips for Fresh Breath and Oral Hygiene

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Fresh breath makes anyone attractive, not to mention kissable. The good news is that achieving it doesn’t require too much effort. All you have to do is maintain regular dental hygiene, including not missing a visit to your dentist’s office, and following these amazingly easy tips for fresh breath.

Eat healthy snacks.

Try eating celery, carrots, and apples in between meals. These crunchy and healthy snacks will take away any food caught in your teeth and rub away any bacteria. They will keep your teeth clean and fresh, and boost nutrients in your body.

Hydrate with water.

Dry mouth causes bad breath because it allows bacteria to thrive, according to a dental clinic. Vancouver residents might want to hydrate with water to keep bacteria away. Drink plenty of water instead of sugar-filled colas and energy drinks that do nothing to give you fresher breath but also contribute to damaging enamel on your teeth.

Get a tongue scraper.

Alternately, you can use your toothbrush to clean your tongue. Bacteria tend to stick to taste buds, producing a waste byproduct that leads to an awful smell. So you need to scrape your tongue and get rid of any bacteria.

Take green juice instead of coffee.

Coffee contains a high level of acid, which contributes to bad breath. Green juice, on the other hand, has a low level of acid.

Quit smoking.

Smoking does not just lead to bad breath. With a cloud of nicotine hovering over you, your hair and your clothes will also smell of smoke. This is not particularly appealing for any person. So quit the cigarettes.

Chew gum with xylitol instead.

Chewing gum is actually one of the simplest ways to maintain fresh breath. It increases saliva flow, which removes bacteria as well as staining. Xylithol is a sweetener and has antibacterial properties so you’ll want this ingredient in your gum.

Chew on mint.

If you prefer a natural way to get fresher breath, nothing is fresher than mint leaves. It might be a bit strong for some, but it should be very effective.

Reconsider your high-protein, low-carb diet.

This diet might do wonders for your weight loss goal. But it can ruin your fresh breath, too. The reason is that is causes a metabolic process known as ketosis. Ketosis, which burns fat instead of sugar, can cause bad breath.

Rinse with water after eating and drinking.

Lastly, rinsing with plain water after eating and drinking can restore the pH balance in your mouth. A balanced pH level maintains fresh breath.

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