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Tips for Choosing a Vancouver Emergency Dentist

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Accidents can (and do) happen when you least expect them.

One moment, your children are running around in the living room, and the next minute, you hear one of your kids crying in pain after knocking out one of his teeth. If you play some types of sports like basketball or boxing, your risk of running into a dental emergency is high. Or maybe you are eating a hearty meal and then suddenly your braces get broken as you bite into a hard piece of food.

Among the most common emergency dental situations that people often encounter are toothaches, permanent teeth that have been knocked off, broken or chipped teeth, and broken braces. In these situations, it is imperative for you to seek the services of a professional that offers emergency dental services.

Ideally, the search for an emergency dentist should be conducted before an actual need arises. In fact, if you have recently moved into a new area, one of the first things that you should do upon moving in is finding health professionals, including emergency dentists, that you can contact when needed. Once you have done your research and chosen a suitable dentist, you should make sure that his contact information is within easy reach.

If you put off your search for an emergency dentist until you or a loved one actually needs the services of one, you may have to settle for the one who is currently available at the time of the incident.

But how exactly do you choose an emergency dentist?

Some dentists provide emergency services while others do not. Ask your current family dentist if he offers such services. Otherwise, you can ask recommendations from him.
One of the most critical factors to consider in your search for a dentist that provides emergency services is proximity to your home. Remember, dental emergencies need the immediate attention of professionals, and each second counts. The farther you are from the dentist, the higher the risk of the problem worsening.

Next, consider the dentist’s qualifications and experience. It would also be beneficial to check the dentist’s online reputation. Check out review sites to learn what past and current patients have to say about a dentist.

Finally, check the operating hours of the emergency dentist. Again, accidents can happen when you least expect them, even late at night. As such, you would want to choose a professional that can provide prompt service any time an emergency arises.

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